Welcome to Hotel Blanca de Navarra. We were waiting for you!


Hotel Blanca de Navarra is a character hotel located in Pamplona. People are always our top priority and our reason for being, so we dedicate all our resources to their needs.


We are located beside the Navarra University Clinic, the Navarra University Campus, Navarra University Museum and the Applied Medical Research Centre (CIMA). The hotel is also strategically positioned within the city of Pamplona, as it is just 850 metres from Ciudadela Park, considered the centre of the city and the point of connection with the historic city centre.


It is very well-placed for transport, with easy, direct access to the road network and a very pleasant green area, the Yamaguchi Park and the University Campus. There are a great variety of restaurants in the surrounding area, for you to enjoy Pamplona’s long-standing culinary tradition.


With over 25 years’ experience, we can guarantee you will receive highly professional attention, together with a wide range of amenities and different types of guestrooms, which you can choose according to your needs.

And our most valuable asset is our team of people, dedicated to making your stay as pleasant and comfortable as possible.


Our location, experience and day-to-day effort to provide you with personal attention and professional service make us the best option for accommodation in Pamplona (Navarra).

Whether your visit is for health, business or leisure reasons, take a look at our offers, promotions and cultural activities in Pamplona.